Hunter Street Medical is the sister practice of Grange Road Medical. Grange Road Medical Services was founded in 1977 by Dr John Jackson as a solo practitioner.  

Our practice team has grown to include 17 doctors, six nurses, a practice manager, seven receptionists and a mental health nurse.  Visiting specialties include psychiatry and endocrinology.

The success of our practices owe much to Dr Jackson's high standards of care, which we all endeavour to maintain.


Hunter Street Medical is a fully accredited practice with Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited.
This means that we have been judged against standards of general practice set out by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and recognised as providing the highest standard of quality care and service.
This process is repeated every 3 years ensuring that we maintain ongoing quality assurance and continue to improve our practice and services.
We welcome feedback from our patients.