Women’s Menopause and Midlife Clinic


with Dr Amanda Illingworth

This clinic is for women from 45 to70 years old.


Middle age (45 - 70) is a turning point in a woman's life. It is a time when you have a chance to identify and to make the changes required to prevent the development of chronic diseases of ageing, or at least delay their onset.


If you are struggling with Menopause or simply want to be as healthy as possible as you age, then this clinic will provide you with a complete health assessment and a personalised health plan to manage this.


If you haven’t been particularly conscious of your health in the past,  if you are unlucky enough to have developed a chronic illness, or if you are aware of medical problems in your family, then this comprehensive health check is essential.

Some risk factors that may lead to the development of chronic illness include:

Your family history

Incomplete Preventative Health

Current Health factors

Your lifestyle



What happens at the Woman's Midlife and Menopause Clinic?

At this clinic I will assess  your current state of health and your risks of developing chronic diseases in future, all with a view to creating a Health Plan aimed at addressing known problems and working towards preventing and/or reducing any identified health risks. This is your plan which you can then work on with your usual GP.

There are 3 visits.

The 1st visit is a 1 hour consultation at which I will take a medical history about your current health and lifestyle, your family history risks, your mental health and also your concerns and expectations of ageing.

I will then carry out a full physical examination. (This may include a Cervical Screening Test if you are not up to date.) It may also include further testing like ECG, breathing tests, blood tests or X-rays, depending on your risks.

The 2nd visit is a 45 min. consultation to review your test results and to jointly develop a personalised Health Plan for you.

The 3rd visit is a 20min. follow up consultation to finalise your understanding of  your health plan and plan how to move forward. It will also include a comprehensive referral back to you usual GP.

Additional appointments as needed will be discussed.





About Dr Illingworth

I have been practising medicine for over 30 years, almost all of that time in General Practice in Ipswich.

I have a particular interest in Woman's health (being a woman!) and in Menopause and healthy aging (being an aging woman!)

Because of this interest, I have taken further studies in these fields.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Integrative Health from the University of Swinburne. Integrative Health is a field of medicine which is concerned with a holistic approach to managing health and disease.

I also have recently refreshed my Women's Health training and hold a Certificate of family Planning. Part of this training included up-skilling to be able to insert Mirena intrauterine hormonal treatment.

I belong to the Australasian Menopause Society – the peak body in Australia for Menopause research and education.

Finally, I am also an Accredited provider of Botox treatment for wrinkles.


Clinic Appointments


Appointments cannot be made online and can only be made by contacting reception at Hunter St Medical on 07 3128 0770. This is because of the length of appointment needed. There is also “pre-assessment” package which my receptionists need to ensure you receive.

Clinic Fees

First visit  Initial Health Assessment – An out-of-pocket gap fee of $240


However, there is a significant Medicare rebate available for  the following patients:

- women between 45 and 49 years old who are at risk of diabetes or any other chronic health problem who have not had a Health Assessment done previously (this would include most people)

- former serving members of the Australian Defence Force including former members of permanent and reserve forces

- people who have an intellectual disability.

This reduces the gap fee to $80


Second visit  follow up appointment – Gap of $65


Third visit  follow up appointment – Gap of $65

Women with concession cards are eligible for discounted fees with a total out of pocket cost of $150.00